Saturday, June 11, 2011


Photography. Tough stuff. Why does everybody have to make it look so easy?! AGH. This afternoon, as I was casually dwindling my summer away on Pinterest (DO NOT visit this site. It is deadly. You will not be able to go outside and get your vitamin D. You will be stuck in a coma in front of your computer. I warned you.), I stumbled upon a lovely link promising to give you steps on how to perfectly light your photos. The directions were awesome, and it had great ideas. Basically you set up a little station by a window and get silly with tin foil.

You can check it out here:

But soon after I began shooting (I am using an old Canon PowerShot S2 IS), I became excruciatingly aware of how terrible I really am at photography. My two main problems were this (and please excuse my ranting and abundant use of parenthesis): If I positioned myself close to the object and then zoomed in a bit, the lighting was great. Glowy and ethereal. Perfect. The problem with this, however, was that the picture was super blurry and you could barely make out what I was shooting! Problem number two was basically the same thing. If I sat farther away and THEN zoomed in the picture was clearer but the lighting was bleah. Sigh. Here are a few examples:

First up is the lemon photo-shoot! This was my fist try, so bear with me please!

See? Icky lighting but clear image. I like the blurry-ish background here, though.

Muffin photo-shoot:

This one has no flash and it looks so blurry and bleak. It even makes ME a bit sad looking at it!

This one has flash and I like it a bit better. You can see the crumbs on the muffin top. 

This is one of my favorites. The lighting is awesome but the image is still not the best. 

In this one I believe I used flash, which somehow made the background green? Hmm :)

Here's a little sample of what the set-up looked like:

Apple photo-shoot:

Here the lighting was great but the image was so blurry! GAH. 

Then if I backed up and zoomed in the sharpness was back but the lighting was stinky:

Oh well! Food is meant to be eaten anyways!

On a random note I saw a tick in my bathroom. EW. I hope the neighbors don't mind me rushing into their house at night to use their restroom, because I'm not going in there again :)

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